Liposuction is a surgical procedure to rid the body of unwanted fatty deposits that form in various parts of the body. This is not a weight load procedure, but it is meant to remove pockets of fat that will not go away on its own with diet and exercise.

This is an ideal procedure for patients with a stabilized weight and has excess fatty tissue. Achieving the ideal procedure result will be determined on the elasticity of the skin. Skin that has lost tone due to weight loss, past surgical procedures, illness, or natural aging will not always be able to regain what was lost and may require liposuction to reshape/contour the body.

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  • Risks – Do you understand that complications could happen to you and that some of the complications from liposuction can be serious and even occasionally fatal?
  • Liposuction outcomes – Do you understand that although many people will be satisfied with the outcome after liposuction, but some people will not have the outcome that they wished for?

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